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Going to U.S. Bank for a game? Here's some parking & traveling advice!

The thought of driving into downtown Minneapolis on a Minnesota Viking game day, scares a lot of people. But we are here today to give you all some parking and traveling advice to make the road trip or drive in go a lot smoother. 

  1. Arrive Early: Plan to arrive at the stadium well in advance of kick-off. Early birds often have better parking options and can avoid the last-minute rush. Gates open 2 hours before the game and there is plenty of fun things to do in and outside the stadium before kickoff! 

  2. Use Public Transportation: Consider using the Metro Transit system, such as the light rail or bus services, to avoid parking hassles altogether. The U.S. Bank Stadium is easily accessible by public transit. **Fan Girl tip: park in one of the ramps on the University of Minnesota campus because its $1/hour to park and then take the light rail from East or West Bank to the US Bank stop. (Which is only 1 to 2 stops away so it's a quick ride!) It's $2 for a day pass on the light rail so you can essentially get parking for the whole game for under $10! The light rail can be a little crazy at times, but you will be surrounded with Viking fans so you're in good hands! ;)

  3. Carpool: Share a ride with friends or family to reduce the number of vehicles searching for parking. You might even qualify for special carpool parking discounts or privileges. 

  4. Park in Nearby Lots: Explore parking options in nearby lots or garages that are within walking distance of the stadium. These lots might be less crowded and more affordable than the closest ones. The lots around the stadium can get pretty expensive, so it you are trying to save some money, I recommend parking a little further away and be prepared to walk. ;)

  5. Park Off-Site and Shuttle: Some businesses and churches in the area offer parking with shuttle services to the stadium. You can park further away from the stadium and take a shuttle in. Some hotels you stay at may even shuttle you to the stadium, just call and ask before hand. 

  6. Consider Ride-Sharing Services: Services like Uber and Lyft can drop you off close to the stadium. However, keep in mind that surge pricing might be in effect on game days.

  7. Alternate Transportation: If you're staying in a nearby hotel, consider walking to the game. It's not only convenient but also helps reduce traffic congestion. Minneapolis has a pretty good skyway system so most times you can get pretty close to the stadium from your hotel while staying indoors to help stay warm from those chilly, Minnesota winters! 

Remember that parking at any major sports event can be challenging, so patience and planning are key. By considering these parking hacks, you can enhance your experience when attending a Minnesota Vikings game. I hope this helps you all so you can relax and enjoy a great football game while at U.S Bank stadium! Go Vikings!

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