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Dear Minnesota Fan Girls,

We are so incredibly proud not only to be from this great state and cheer for our favorite teams, but we can't quite put into words what it has meant to us to build this Fan Girl MN community here in our home state. As our small business grows, know how excited we are to bring trendy game day apparel to other markets, but also know that no other location will ever live up to what our Minnesota community means to us. (And you can tell anyone that you are our favorites, no secrets here!) At our core, we are and always will be die-hard Minnesota sports fans - that will never change. We believe that the underserved community of women sports fans should have the opportunity to be a Fan Girl, no matter what team they root for. With that being said, we are SO excited to announce where we're headed next...


We've been hinting at this new location all week and we couldn't be more excited! 

So what does this mean?
Well, this means we're planning to build another amazing community of Fan Girls in Missouri while still continuing business as usual here in Minnesota. We will have a new Instagram for our Kansas City Fan Girls, and we'd appreciate your support over there too! 
Love always, 
The Fan Girls 

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