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The Best Fan Experience: Home vs. Away Games

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Okay, Fan Girls! I have an important question for you: What offers the best Fan Experience, home or away games? After attending sporting events that have the home and visiting team advantages, I’m weighing in on which one allows for the best fan experience.  

Luckily, I have experience as both a spectator and a player. Here are a few of my major pros and cons for both. 


The main pro for attending a home game or match is the atmosphere.

A good game-day environment makes rooting for your team more exhilarating. The atmosphere is curated for your fan base, from pregame to all of the in-game entertainment, your team will always be the star of the show. 

Additionally, the fans are what truly make for home-field advantage. When attending a home game vs. an away game, you might feel more in control of your environment, knowing you have the support of other fans of the home team. You are likely more comfortable and your routine won’t be disrupted due to unfamiliarity. 

The cons seem rather limited when you consider the best fan experience as a whole. 

Who wouldn’t want to experience live sporting events and build camaraderie with other fans? 

Community connection and a sense of belonging are crucial for everyone, not just major sports fans. Speaking of, consider joining our FB community group, a safe place for Fan Girls to connect and discuss all things sports and pop culture. 


The pro is trying something new, and most likely involves some level of travel or adventure. 

Who doesn’t love seeing a new city or having the opportunity to try new restaurants while heading off to support their favorite sports team? Plenty of fans travel every year to help cheer on their favorite teams, and they likely do this because they love checking out how every team or organization does their live sporting events. There’s an element of surprise that I love as a Fan when going to a different stadium or arena.

The con is that away games can be more expensive than home games, not to mention dealing with what could be a rowdy fan base.

You can imagine one of the largest cons would be the added expenses to consider when attending away games. Typically, you’d have to plan travel, which could consist of expensive airfare, and lodgings, like a hotel or Airbnb, and then you’re expected to pay premium ticket prices on top of all of that. 

Additionally, it’s important to consider which opponent your favorite team is playing this week. If it’s a notoriously rowdy fan base (Philadelphia Eagles Fans I’m looking at you), you can risk feeling unsafe wearing the other team’s colors. You might be pestered, but typically it is harmless and won’t turn violent! 

There are Pros and Cons for both, but I’d rule for home games having the best Fan Experience. There’s nothing better than cheering on your favorite team, building a strong community, and assisting with home-field advantage.

Make sure to shop before heading to your next live sporting event! 

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