Closing Statement

We officially started Fangirl Clothing two summers ago, but it was an idea we had been dreaming about for much longer than that. It all started when we graduated college and retired our pom poms and uniforms. It was our turn to sit in the stands and we realized there were not any game day clothes that made us feel confident and stylish. 
That is why we created Fangirl, fashion forward game day clothing, to make you feel spirited and excited to cheer on your favorite sports teams. Our goal has always been to make our Fangirl Gang stand out and catch eyes as they walk through tailgates, stadiums and arenas all over the WORLD.
It is with a heavy heart we announce the closing of Fangirl Clothing as our careers have grown in other paths. We cannot put into words the amount of joy that starting and growing this company over the last few years has brought us. From our first drop selling out almost immediately, to spotting our pieces in the airport, arenas & stadiums, to being tagged in endless photos on Instagram. From the College Football National Championship, to the World Series, to the SuperBowl. To almost every state in the USA, to Canada, to Italy, to Germany, to South Korea. We are just forever grateful to all of our Fangirls out there. We couldn’t have done this without you & we love you all soooo much!
We wanted to show our appreciation by heavily discounting all of our pieces. Whether it’s your first piece or your 20th, we would love for everyone to get their hands on their final Fangirl items. The sale will start tomorrow morning and will end when we are out of stock! There is very limited inventory, so plan your buys now at
Once again, starting Fangirl is one of our greatest accomplishments and will forever have a place in our hearts and closets. Thank you all so much and we cannot wait to see you all rep your Fangirl pieces for years to come.
J + L