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5 Things to Look Forward to for the Upcoming Baseball Season in MN

Baseball season is upon us, which for us Minnesotans means that the snow is melting (hopefully) and warmer weather is to come! With the new season, there are plenty of things that every fan gets excited about from the moment the umpire yells "play ball" to pregame drinks with your friends, there is always something to look forward to for the baseball season! Some of your favorite things may be very specific to you like seeing your dad excited when his favorite player hits a home run or they can be very broad and general that all of us Fan Girls love. That is what I want to focus on for this blog, so here's 5 things that all of us Fan Girls most likely look forward to for the upcoming baseball season!

1. The Atmosphere at a Ballpark

Whether you are at a professional MLB game or at your local amateur team field, the vibes are unmatched! It's almost always perfect weather and you can socialize as much as you want or just sit back and relax to watch a game of your favorite sport. There is also no better feeling than watching a little kid try and catch a foul ball during the game with their baseball glove that they brought from home!

2. The Thrill of Competition 

Baseball is a highly competitive sport, and us Fan Girls, love to root for our favorite teams to see them come out on top. The excitement of a close game, a last-minute rally, or a walk-off home run can make for some of the most memorable moments in the sport.

3. The Concessions

C'mon, be honest, we all know that there is just something different about a ballpark hot dog. Although hot dogs may not be for everyone, something about them during the summer while at a baseball game, is a spectacular pairing and makes for the perfect meal. It tastes even better when you have a big, cold beer to wash it down with. And if you're still hungry, well popcorn and peanuts are the perfect snack to keep you satisfied while at the game!

4. The Outfits

Who doesn't love putting on a pair of shorts or jeans and pairing it with a cute baseball tee from Fan Girl MN. Baseball weather in Minnesota is very hot and allows you to put on a cute tank top and get a nice tan. What's even better, is when the weather cools off for a night game and you can sport your new baseball hoodie that you have been waiting forever to wear!

5. The Tradition of the Game

Baseball has a rich history and many cherished traditions, from the singing of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh-inning stretch to the jumbotron doing a classic game of the "Kiss Game". Another tradition, at least for the Minnesota Twins, is watching the fireworks over the field after every Friday night home game. 

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