6 Best Gluten Free Foods at Target Field (with pictures!)

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Are you a baseball fan who follows a gluten-free diet or maybe just looking for something easier on the stomach? No sweat- you can still cheer on the Minnesota Twins while getting to enjoy delicious gluten-free options. From local Minnesota restaurants to the classic stadium snacks, Target Field has got it all! Whether you’re looking for a traditional baseball snack or something more adventurous, we have a list below of our favorite gluten-free go-tos at Target Field 👏Here are Fan Girl’s top 6 gluten-free food options you can find at Target Field:

Gluten-Free Options to Try at a Twins Game:


1. Pizza Luce's Gluten Free Pizza

Section 234

If you're in the mood for pizza, Target Fields got you covered with one of Minneapolis's home town favorites, Pizza Lucè in section 234. Pick your flavors or choose one of their famous pies - their gluten-free option makes it so easy to enjoy a slice while cheering on the Twins. All you have to do is just ask for the GF crust! 

Pizza Lucè at Target Field

2. Hot Indian’s Chicken Masala

Section 120

Another local Minneapolis restaurant featured at Target Field is Hot Indian! In section 120, you'll find a gluten-free  Indian cuisine staple: chicken masala. Tender chicken in a bold savory sauce over rice makes it a must-try option for fans who love a little bit of spice in their game day experience 😆. 

Chicken Masala Hot Indian

3. Hot Indian’s Vegan Channa

Section 120

A double play?! It's no mistake that Hot Indian made our list twice! Their vegan channa is a true game-day crowd-pleaser. This gluten-free choice is made with chickpeas and ✨aromatic spices✨, sure to spice up your life when enjoying a game at Target Field. 

4. Union Hmong Kitchen's Sausage Noodle Hmong Bowl

Section 127

NEW IN 2024! An added option this year at Target Field is food from another local favorite: Union Hmong Kitchen. Who says baseball snacks have to be just hot dogs and nachos?! Their top gluten-free option includes their sausage noodle bowl in section 127 that's both gluten-free and full of unique flavors. The dish features sausage and rice noodles mixed with fresh vegetables and savory spices to enjoy while watching the Twins. 

Sausage Noodle Bowl Union Hmong Kitchen

5. Baked Potato

Section 117

Comfort food + Twin's baseball = 💜. In section 117, you can enjoy this combination by picking up a classic baked potato. Target field offers you the chance to load it up with all of your favorite toppings, from cheese to chives to bacon bits. This gluten-free choice is another new 2024 option at the ballpark and favorite here at Fan Girl!

Baked Potato Target Field

6. Traditional Fan-Favorite Snacks

All over the ballpark!

You can’t go wrong with the classic game day snacks! Luckily for us gluten sensitivity girlies, lots of them are naturally gluten-free. Stadium-wide, Target Field features your traditional baseball snacks. Looking for something savory? Try the popcorn or nachos. What about hotdogs?! No problem - just ask for a bun-less hot dog or brat. If you are looking for something sweet, try the ice cream or cotton candy. These easy-to-find and gluten-free options are perfect for munching on while watching the game.

Pro-tip: Looking to up your bunless hot dog game? Get a bun-less brat from the local favorite Kramarczuk's. Section 101, 112, and 312.

With these gluten-free food options available at Target Field, you can enjoy a day at the ballpark without worrying about finding great food that also fits your diet. Always be sure to double-check with the concession stand staff about specific menu items, their gluten-free status, and possible contamination. Indulge in the flavors of Minnesota while showing off your Twins apparel and cheering the team to victory! Let us know which of these gluten-free options becomes your game-day go-to 😁!

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