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Best Place to Eat at Target Field 2021

And just like that baseball at Target Field is BACK!!

We were beyond excited to get back to one of our favorite spots in Minneapolis to cheer on our beloved Minnesota Twins. With that being said we were a little unsure with the limited capacity what things would be like. Will we be able to get tickets? Is it going to feel empty? Will we still be able to indulge in our favorite food and drinks? 

I'm here to report back that our Sunday Funday at the Twins game could not have been better! Not only did the Twins beat out the Royals 13-4, but the energy was high, the drinks were plentiful, and the food was chef's kiss! 

Here are a few of our favorite stops in the stadium for you to check out on your next trip to the ballpark!

First stop, the Gray Duck Spirits bar right inside Gate 6. This spot was the Barrio Bar in previous years but Gray Duck is making it's presence known with a full bar and fun featured drinks. We had to start with their signature "Bomba Juice." It looks like a Starbucks pink drink but tastes 10x better - the cocktail is Gray Duck vodka, lemonade, club soda, and strawberry puree and is the perfect refreshing drink on a warm summer day. 
Next up, a Minneapolis staple since 1954... Kramarczuk's. I know everyone loves a good traditional hotdog at a baseball game but these gourmet sausages loaded with onions and sauerkraut are next level! We tried both the traditional and cheddar filled sausage and were not disappointed. 
Right across from  Kramarczuk's is the new Jack Daniel's bar which is a part of the Gate 34 experience. This is a great spot to grab a drink and round up some friends to play lawn games on the grass turf. There are also some great photo opportunities here with the giant Twins letters and great view of the field. 
For our final stop of the game, we doubled down on Pizza Lucé and Red Cow! We headed up to section 233 which houses both of these fan favorites plus a full bar and killer view of centerfield. There was a ton of open table seating in this area plus an open railing to eat and watch the action on the field. 
The Lucé meat lovers slice was such a treat. Pizza Lucé had variety of pizza choices and even options for our gluten-free friends. The Red Cow 60/40 bacon burger sliders were my personal favorite. They were perfect to share and the beer mustard sauce they were smothered in was unreal. I don't think I'll ever go to a Twins game again without getting the sliders!
If this post hasn’t already left you hungry, thirsty, and searching StubHub for Twins tickets... all I can say is you NEED to go! The atmosphere was safe, the fans were excited, and the concessions were 10 out of 10. It’s just like we never took a year off of baseball at Target Field. 


Jayme & Callie 

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