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School may not be in session, but there's never a wrong time to shop University of Minnesota merch! Whether you're an alum, up and coming Gopher, current student or even a mom or sister to a current student, Fan Girl has the best University of Minnesota merch to rep maroon and gold! All too often, women's game-day apparel is just too flashy or it fits in all the wrong places, causing us to wander over to the men's section 😔. At Fan Girl trendy and understated game-day apparel is our specialty. We are committed to offering women's game day apparel that allows you to feel confident and cute while rooting for your favorite team! ✨ 

In the University of Minnesota collection, you’ll find a ton of different looks and styles perfect for a Gopher event. From vintage crewnecks for chilly hockey games at Williams Arena, to Row the Boat tees for football games at Huntington Bank Stadium and Gopher hats for any occasion, we’ve got you covered, literally. So, take in just a few of the looks from our lineup with some style suggestions as we show off the best University of Minnesota merch! 🤩

✨ University of Minnesota Merch ✨


The crewnecks in our University of Minnesota collection are super versatile in their styles and colors, which is why they are a top pick for any and all Gopher events. From vintage designs inspired by the 90s to modern looks on cropped crews, there are tons of cozy looks to choose from! Whether you're cheering on the Gophers from your couch or in the stadium, our comfortable but trendy crews are perfect for everyday wear. 


  • Oversized crew with biker shorts

  • Try patterned boxer or bloomer shorts

  • Pair with denim or tennis mini skirts

  • Off the shoulder crew with a short onesie

  • Make it a set: match the color of your crew to your sweatpants or sweat shorts

  • To add some definition: try layering a crew neck over an oversized white t-shirt underneath, so that it peeks out of the bottom


Rep the Gophers with Fan Girl's University of Minnesota hoodies! Our collection features cozy and versatile fits perfect for chilly game-days or campus strolls. From the classic maroon and gold to trendy, modern prints, each hoodie is crafted for comfort and style, Goldy approved ✨!


  • Try a Canadian jumpsuit with a hoodie underneath

  • Make it a set: match the color of your crew to your sweatpants or sweat shorts

  • Highlight the text color on the hoodie to the color of shorts/pants (ex: maroon text = maroon shorts)

  • Try our windbreaker over a short onesie or matching workout set

  • For balance and cohesion: pair larger Minnesota merch hoodies with slim-fitting bottoms or pair a cropped hoodie with oversized jeans or cargo pants

Graphic Tees

With tons of graphics to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any of Fan Girl's University of Minnesota graphic tees! Our collection has retro inspired designs perfect for any Gopher event or the RTB slogan for game-days at Huntington Bank Stadium! Made from soft fabric that is true to size for a slouchy fit, these tees will keep you comfy whether you're hitting the books or the big game ✨.


  • Cheetah print pants and a simple logo tee

  • Oversized tee and a maxi skirt

  • Pair a tee with a colored pair of track pants

  • Size down for a tighter fitting t-shirt and pair with oversized jeans

  • Overalls with a tee

  • Graphic tee with a mini denim or tennis skirt

  • To add depth: wear chunky knit sweater with Minnesota merch

Hats & Beanies

Top off your Gopher look with Fan Girl's hats and beanies! Our University of Minnesota collection has both classic baseball hats and cozy knit beanies. Maybe you're shielding the sun at a baseball game or trying to stay warm inside Williams Arena - no matter the occasion, these stylish accessories pull any game-day look together with just a touch of maroon and gold ✨. 


  • Mini dress or short onesie with an baseball hat

  • Pair a beanie with a leather, fur, or puffer jacket

  • Try pigtail braids with a baseball hat

  • Double up on logos: match your other Minnesota merch with your hat

  • Highlight the text color in your hat to match your top or pants (ex: maroon text = maroon top)

Fan Girl is the end game for all University of Minnesota merch! Combining style, comfort, and repping Goldy all in one. From cozy crewnecks and hoodies to fun graphic tees and stylish hats and beanies, our collection has everything you need to show off your love for the Gophers. Whether you're on campus, at the game, or just out and about, Fan Girl’s University of Minnesota merch is perfect for everyday wear and guarantees that you're always dressed to impress! 🤩 

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