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The SECRET Behind the Uncle Dan Crew

I'm sure all of us Minnesotans have stories about their parents or friends or even coworkers involving sports one way or another. Whether you still see your dad get upset about the Vikings missed field goal in 98 or see your grandpa still celebrate the Twins World Series win in 91 or always having to listen to your friend not shut up about last night's game. These events hold significance in many families around the state of Minnesota and possibly even your own. What I'm trying to say here is that sports hold great power over us and often creates some of the best memories and bonds between families. You might not even realize that sports and teams have created this memories for you. If your family has the Thanksgiving tradition of watching football on the couch while your food coma sinks in, that is a prime example of how powerful sports can be in your very own family. 

Sports affects a lot of us Fan Girls personally, so we decided to create a crewneck that really signifies what sport means to all of our families. INTRODUCING: The Uncle Dan Crew. The Uncle Dan Crew has such a beautiful story behind it that I'm sure many of you can resonate with, so here is the story and inspiration behind the new style from one of Fan Girl's co-founders, Callie Inman:

"This style is inspired my Uncle Dan who recently passed, leaving behind his wife, 3 kids, and lots of family & friends that loved him. Uncle Dan was a lot of great things, but for the sake of time, I will share one special fact about him: He was the biggest Minnesota sports fan you'd ever meet. He used sports to connect with his family and there would never be a big game without Dan's take in the family group chat. One of the biggest reasons Fan Girl came to be is because sports bring people together. It's a way we can connect to friends and family, and in this case, is a way my family can remember all the great times with my Uncle Dan and let him live on. We wish he was here to see Dobbs move around in the pocket, the Gophers win the bronze pig back from Iowa, and the Twins finally break their playoff streak. But, every time we celebrate a fun moment in Minnesota sports, our family thinks of him."

Us Fan Girls could talk sports forever and love sharing stories so I encourage you all to use the comment section down below and tell us all some of your favorites memories. We would love to hear how you all use sports to remember and cherish your lost loved ones!

*This style is dedicated to my (Callie Inman) Uncle Dan, (we miss you so much) and his family Judy, Emily, Steven & Claire and anyone that Fan Girls remember and let live on through sports.*

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