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Why Fan Girl MN Loves Matt Boldy

The Minnesota Wild are crushing it right now as the regular season is nearing an end, and their success this season is partially due to Matt Boldy. You may have heard his name before or know of many other Wild players like Kirill Kaprizov, but while Kirill has been hurt, Matt Boldy has stepped up in a big way for the team. So here is why Fan Girl MN loves Matt Boldy and the Minnesota Wild!

Hurley-Burly: Matt Boldy scores in NHL debut for Wild %u2013 Lowell Sun

Matt Boldy is originally from Massachusetts, is only 21 years old, and played hockey at Boston College. He was drafted in 2019 with the 12th overall pick to the Minnesota Wild. He started his career with the Wild in 2022 when he played his first game against the Boston Bruins and scored the game-winning goal so the Wild would win 3-2. How's that for an NHL debut?!

Boldy proved he was a great player last season, so this past January he received a 7-year contract extension for $49 million with the Wild! And let's just say, right now, he is worth every penny! This season, Boldy currently has scored 28 goals (& counting) which makes him the second-leading scorer right behind star player Kaprizov, who has 39! 

He has had two hat tricks already this season, both of which just happened within the past week. One on March 20th and the other on March 27th! Boldy has helped the Wild win many overtime games this season including one on March 21st where he scored with just 2 seconds left in overtime to give the Wild a win and prevent a shootout! He is still so young and has so much potential and success in his future and we, Fan Girls, can't wait to see how he grows with the Wild!

If you have never of Matt Boldy before and his success thus far, we hope this short blog post gave you better insight on him and his career. We hope everyone cheers him and the Wild on as the regular season ends and the playoffs begin!  


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