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Are the Twins Going to the Playoffs?

There is still about 2 weeks left of regular season baseball, but as we get closer and closer to the playoffs, the Minnesota Twins are getting ready to head back to the post season! 

The Twins are currently in 3rd place in the American league and are 5 games behind the second place team, Houston, and could potentially move up to second if they win the next couple series and Houston loses. This would mean they could skip the Wild Card series and go straight to the Division series. If they end up in 3rd place, they will play a best of three game series against the bottom ranked Wild Card team. If they somehow end up in 2nd place in the AL, they will go to the Division series where it is best of seven game series. 

Since there is still some regular season games left, it is unknown on who the Twins could end up playing first. Fingers crossed they don't have to play the Yankees because the Twins seem to be cursed by them. They have played the Yankees 6 times in their last 8 playoff appearances and have lost to them every single time. Not to bring up the past again, but the Twins haven't won a playoff series in over 20 years... so that just means there's no matter time than the present to change that! 

The Twins playoff schedule, if they remain is 3rd place, is looking to start on Tuesday, October 3rd and since they will be the higher ranking team in the Wild Card Series, they would play all 3 games in Minnesota which would be nice home field advantage! So if you are able to get out and go watch a playoff game this fall, be sure to do so because these opportunities don't come around often! ;)

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