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6 Best Places To Eat At A Wild Game

Looking for the best place to eat at a Wild game?! The Fan Girls have you covered! 

Today we are sharing the best places to eat at a Minnesota Wild game.

1. Michelob Golden Light Taphouse 

If you have enough time to sit down and enjoy your meal before the game, we recommend checking out the Michelob Golden Light Taphouse. This restaurant specializes in wings, sandwiches, and shareables. We’d recommend trying the signature bone-in wing flight if you’ve brought your appetite. This is a great option to share with friends as it comes with all ten flavors, two wings each. We paired this with some of their local draft beer, cider, and mac-n-cheese bites. Check out our TikTok video for the full review! 
Lastly, this is a great spot to grab a drink in between periods too, because they offer a full-service bar. You can check out the menu here!

2. Soft-Serve Ice Cream 

Looking to satisfy that sweet tooth? Head over to section 115 for soft-serve ice cream in a cone or souvenir cup. This isn’t your average souvenir moment though! The ice cream is served in an adorable mini-hockey helmet! They offer vanilla, chocolate, or twist flavors.  

3. J&Rs Dough Shop

Another favorite dessert at Wild games is edible cookie dough confections from J&Rs Dough Shop. Indulge in chocolate chip, monster, white chocolate macadamia, or cake batter flavors of edible cookie dough. A single scoop is plenty as the portion sizes are awesome! You can find J&Rs Dough Shop near section 109.


4. Philly Post

This spot always has a line, but that’s okay because it's definitely worth the wait! Philly post serves both loaded pub chips and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. You cannot walk past this spot without smelling the delicious onions and peppers sizzling on the grill. We recommend sharing the loaded chips with a friend. You’ll find this concession stand outside of section 113. 

5. Market House Sausage Cart

This is what I would call the elevated sporting event option. Unlike a traditional hot dog and soda option, try a specialty brat and local cheese curds from the Market House Sausage Cart outside section 110. Local to St. Louis Park, Minnesota, this is a fan favorite. We tried their Jalapeno Cheese Curd Brat with caramelized onions, but the Sweet Italian Provolone Brat also looked delish! Make sure to follow our TikTok, where we review and try different food and drink spots at the Xcel Energy Center. 

6. Papa Pete’s Mini Donuts 

Who doesn’t love sugary, fried dough?? I know I do! Grab yourself a bucket of warm mini donuts right before the 3rd period of the next wild game. This way, you’ll have enough time to try all of the savory meal sports before diving into dessert towards the end of the game. The mini-donuts are perfect to share with your friends or row mates. You can find the mini donuts between sections 126 and 227. 

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