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Fan Girl's Favorite Kirk Cousins' Moments

I'm sure all of you have heard by now, but Kirk Cousins is no longer a Viking. It's been a sad couple of days hearing this news because of all the great memories he brought to Minnesota. Instead of feeling angry and sad, let's dive down memory lane and revisit all our favorite Kirk Cousins' moments. 

1. Kirko Chainz

Kirko Chainz is probably the most iconic Kirk moment in NFL history. This all started during the 2022 season after the Vikings beat the Saints in London. Kirk was seen trying on Tackle Christian Darrisaw's chain. After a successful win the following week against his prior team, the Washington Commanders, more players added their chains to Cousins neck. 

Kirk Cousins tells Pat McAfee: 'I have always been absolutely strapped' -  Sports Illustrated Minnesota Sports, News, Analysis, and MoreHe was having a great time and started dancing immediately. Many of his teammates went live on Instagram to capture this moment! 


2. Kohl's Cash Kirk

Kohl's cash Kirk is another great memory. He was initially ridiculed after his home opener press confrence for dressing like a "Dad", where many critics joked that he looked like he only shops at Kohl's. He was always a great sport and continued to keep up with the ongoing joke. He often would post about Kohl's cash on his instagram. In that post, he had a bedazzled chain that said "Kohl's cash" to just make the meme even greater. 

3. The Greatest Comeback in NFL History

Just know if you see Kirk drinking from that Gatorade cup… it's over. :  r/minnesotavikings

December 17th, 2022 the Vikings were at home against the Colts. The Vikes were losing 0-33 at halftime. The game seemed very much over at that point. But then, all of sudden things started to go Minnesota's way. Cousins ended with 4 touchdowns, went 34-54 for 460 yards which was a career high for him. We ended up winning the game in OT 39-36. After being down by 33 points, this became the greatest comeback in NFL history! 

4. Cousins' feature on "Quarterback"

Last summer Netflix put out a new series called "Quarterback" which documented 3 QBs during the season, and Kirk happened to be one of them. This really put into perspective what a great person he is and how different he is from the "typical" NFL quarterback. One moment that stood out to me was the last game of the 2022 season. This was a playoff game against the Giants and the Vikings ended up losing, costing them the season. After the game, Cousins still stopped and sign an autograph for a young fan and then went home and put his kids to bed. You didn't see him get mad or angry, it was just such a great moment. 

5. Watching Kirk "perform" at NFL Honors

Two seasons ago, Kirk performed a rendition of "Since You Been Gone" with Kelly Clarkson and just this past season danced to "Pony" with Cam Jordan on the NFL Honors Stage. Both performances are so good and funny, you need to go watch them now! 

6. Kirk's pass to JJ in the iconic Bills game 

If you are a Viking fan, then you remember the most thrilling game of the 2022 season, the Buffalo Bills game. This was such a back and forth game, but ultimately the Vikings won 33-30 in OT. There was 1:52 left in the 4th quarter, the Vikings are down by 4 and go for it on 4th and 18. Cousins throws up a 50/50 ball in Jefferson's area. Out of nowhere, JJ makes the greatest one hand catch I have ever seen. This play ultimately led to the Vikings win, and actually won the Next Gen Stats Moment of the Year at the NFL Honors! 


There are so many Kirk Cousins moments that are great and I'm sure we all are thinking of more right now. He is sure going to be missed in purple, but we wish him the best in his next chapter in Atlanta and will be forever thankful for the last 6 years he gave us in Minnesota! 

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