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Gopher Game Day Fan Girl Style!

Gopher game days are back, and we are so ready for them! Grab your favorite Row the Boat apparel and get ready for the fall season! We have a fun list of activities for you to make the most out of this season!

No matter the time of day, eating before the game is always a good idea!

The first restaurant choice is Revival MN - bringing a little bit of the south to the cities. They serve burgers, chicken, waffles, southern fried and Tennessee hot chicken, shrimp, and grits. Revival is a laid-back, family-friendly restaurant and even has some gluten-friendly options! This southern gem is located on Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis.

If you are looking for the entire game-day experience, Sally’s Bar and Grill is the place to be! Sally’s is located right in Dinky Town, and on game days, it is filled with both students and families! Sally’s serves burgers, pizza, salads, and more.

For a morning game – staying around campus there is the Black Coffee and Waffle Bar right in Dinky Town. This breakfast place will never fail you; they serve delicious waffles with unique toppings in both savory and sweet flavors. For a more aesthetic experience, Cooper Hen is my favorite breakfast spot in Minneapolis! With a beautiful interior and delicious food, you are sure to walk out happier than when you came.

Be sure to wear you Fan Girl apparel no matter which restaurant you chose! The fun trendy styles will fit in perfectly at any and all locations on a game day!

After you have eaten get ready to explore more of the University of Minnesota campus before the game! First, venture over to the athlete’s village. It is on the way to the stadium, and you can tour the outside where all the Gopher athletes practice, study and eat. You will get the feel of being an athlete at the U! The new facility is beautiful. In the middle of the athlete’s village, you will see the Minnesota sign, an excellent spot for a photo op! With the artificial grass in front of the sign, the pictures here always turn out great!

Right next to the Minnesota sign are two beach volleyball courts! It is not usually busy here, as it is hidden in the middle of the village. Bring a volleyball, spike ball, or any other fun game to play on the courts! 

If you are looking for another fun spot to visit around campus, head over to the historic Stone Arch Bridge. It is so fun to walk across the cobblestone bridge and gives a spectacular view of the city! You could even rent bikes and ride from athletes’ village to Stone Arch, as it is only two miles away.

We have all the tips and tricks on easy parking access with fun spots to hit on the way to the stadium! If you are looking for a free parking spot, right behind the baseball field (Siebert field) is free parking (which is in front of the NorthStar apartment buildings). Parking here would require a 20 min walk to the stadium, but you could make it fun by visiting the tailgating spots on your way. There is tailgating in the parking lot by the Barn and the parking lots to the East and West of the stadium. For a parking ramp that is a little closer, the 4th street ramp is a good option. It would still require a 10-15 min walk and passes the tailgating spots on your way!

After the game, if you don't want the day to end, stop by Buffalo Wild Wings  across from the stadium! This spot is always packed with good vibes on a game day, especially after a win. We hope this Fan Girl guide gives all the inspiration you need to have the BEST Minnesota game days this season. Row the Boat!

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