Small Tattoo Ideas: Minnesota Sports (with pictures!)

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📣 Calling all Fan Girls! Whether you're a versed Vikings fan, a part of the Twins tribe, a tenacious Timberwolves supporter, or a Wild worshiper, there's no denying that Minnesota pro sports teams are worth commemorating! What better way to show off your passion and support for your favorite team than with a little ink? Small tattoos have been all the rage lately. These tiny tattoos are clean, affordable, versatile, take less time, and allow for subtle self-expression. Plus, it's not the size of the tattoo that matters, it's the size of the roar in your fandom! ⚡️ We threw together a list of ideas with picture inspo to give you the chance to demonstrate your Minnesotan team spirit. From reimagined team logos to crediting your favorite players, you can wear your Minnesota pride on your sleeve- maybe even literally! Here are Fan Girl’s small tattoo ideas for Minnesota sports fans ✨

✨ Small Tattoo Ideas for each Minnesota Sports Team ✨


  • Players: have love for a certain player? Get a tattoo that symbolizes their name or nickname to give them a little praise. 

    • Anthony Edwards "Ant" → this one is self-explanatory 😆

    • Naz Reed → this blog was slightly inspired by Naz Reid's viral $20 tattoos by JC Stroebel. We love a cultural Minnesota moment!

  • Team Mascot: put your own twist the team's mascot. Simple and cute but still signifies your love for the team! 

    • Timberwolf  how cute!

  • Area Code: this subtle nod to your roots is a way to rep your turf without going full-on foam finger. An area code is also a great conversation starter!

small Timberwolves tattoos


  • Team Logo: not a fan of a team font or format? No problem, there are tons of ways to reinvent the letters that represent your fav team

    • The iconic T and C

  • City Initials: 

    • Wave your cities flag in a much more understated way using your favorite teams hometown initials 

small Twins tattoos


  • Team Symbols: reinventing your favorite team symbols and figures lets everyone know where loyalty lies

    • Viking's Helmet  flaunt those famous horns

  • Team Phrases: put an elegant and subtle twist on a team's slogan or fight song to hold on those game-day memories and moments!

    • Skol The Scandinavian toast Minnesotans chant so loudly... cheers!

small Vikings tattoos


  • Use Team Logo Elements: pick and choose your favorite elements of a teams logo and use your self-expression to restyle your tattoo

    • Reuse the Wild's → tree and Minnesota state shape

  • Team Equipment: a combination of your teams name and a subtle nod to the tools of the trade makes it clear who you're cheering on!

small Wild tattoos

Fan Girl Approved Tattoo Shops


Broken Hearts Tattoo Club

35 NE Lowry Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Broken Hearts Tattoo Club in the Historic Arts District of Northeast Minneapolis, is known for creative tattoo artistry. Their team of skilled artists specialize in custom designs and will accommodate walk-ins too. Whether you are looking for more details or simplicity in your design, Broken Hearts Tattoo Club will execute your tattoo ideas affordably and comfortably!

Uptown Tattoo

614 W 27th St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

If you ask around Minneapolis where the best place is to get tattooed, chances are someone will mention Uptown Tattoo. Since its opening in 1999, Uptown Tattoo has been a favorite tattoo shop in Minneapolis. The shop is known for its talented artists and quality of work. Located in Uptown, the shop takes walk-ins every Friday and also supplies custom designs for whatever tattoo ideas you have! 

Feral Tattoo Collective

701 N 3rd St Suite 207, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Located in North Loop, Feral Tattoo Collective is a can’t miss female owned and operated parlor. Showcasing guest artists and permanent team members that will bring your tattoo ideas to life, the shop has a relaxing and personable environment. With a focus on creativity and collaboration, Feral Tattoo Collective provides a unique and personalized experience for each client whether you come with your own inspo or take from theirs. 

Maybe you're on the fence about getting a tattoo or which tattoo ideas to pick from - no matter what, these tiny tattoos give you the chance to not only show off your love for Minnesota's sports teams but commemorate the memories and moments that the players, teams, and game-day environment our beloved state brings us! No matter what Minnesotan sports team you choose to get in ink, you can show off your team spirit in a clean, versatile, and subtle way that also prompts low time commitment and cost! 🤩 We hope that these tattoo ideas gave you some inspo on how you can turn your love for sports into stylish and lasting works of art. We want to see your team spirit, show us your team Minnesotan tattoos!

Small Tattoo Ideas for each Minnesota Sports Team ↑

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