You're Invited to Gopher Game Day for a Cause with FAN GIRL!
Join Fan Girl MN, Scheels, and Reading4Research for the first Gopher Game Day for a Cause at Malcom Yards Market on Saturday, September 23rd at 6:00pm, with game kickoff at 6:30pm!
5 Best Things about Football Season in MN
I can't believe football season is already here. It feels like summer just started, but sure enough Minnesota football is back in action this week for their first preseason game of the year! When football season arrives in Minnesota, there...
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The Best Fan Experience: Home vs. Away Games

I have a very important question for all of you Fan Girls: What offers the best Fan Experience, home or away games? After attending sporting events that have the home and visiting team advantages, I’m weighing in on which one allows for the best fan experience.