Gift Ideas for New University of Minnesota Students that are Practical and Fun

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School is almost back in session and for upcoming college students, it's crunch time. When looking for all the essentials for a new school year and new living situations, navigating the wants versus the needs for a new college student can be tough. While having the best dorm decor is a must, gifts that will make the transition into independent living a little bit easier are the best way to go. ✨ Think back to your own college days—what made you happy and less stressed? If nothing comes to mind, don’t worry, just keep scrolling! We’ve got gifts that are perfect for inside and outside of the lecture hall, that won’t break your bank either! From practical must-haves to fun little luxuries, this list has got something for everyone and that the new student in your life will actually love and use! 💜

Gifts for New College Students

Dorm Room Necessities

Storage Solutions: optimize dorm rooms limited space, decrease clutter, and help avoid any additional stress to college. Some ideas to get you started:

  • Bedside caddy
  • Space saving hangers
  • Door hangers
  • Tiered cart
  • Shoe rack

Communal Bathroom Essentials: help navigate the communal bathroom situation, keep all bathroom necessities in one place, water resistant shoes will ensure hygiene, and rope for comfy returns back to the dorm.

  • Shower caddy

  • Shower shoes

  • Rope

Backpack Hamper: a hamper that doubles as a backpack makes trips to and from the laundry room much easier.

Diffuser: just because candles aren’t allowed doesn't mean having to live alongside the stench. Gift a a diffuser with aromatherapy scents to prevent weird smells and help with study session stress.

Filter Water Pitcher: eliminate water bottle refill after refill, no need for multiple trips a day to the water fountain with a pitcher.

Lap desk: offering flexibility for ever changing work environments, take the desk to bed or to the courtyard. 

College Dorm Essentials

Pictured Items

School Spirit

UMN Pennant: show off school spirit in a more unique way with a vintage college pennant.

Game-Day Apparel: you can't go wrong with gifting University of Minnesota merch, from game-days or to classes, they'll get well-used!

  • Crew neck

  • Hoodie

  • T-shirt

  • Hat

Keychain / Key Leash: a cute charm that makes keys standout and a key leash to keep them close from class, to the library, and to the dinning hall.

Tote Bag: for the grocery store or the bookstore, students get use out a spare bag so it mine as well be cute and meaningful 😊 

Tumbler/ Mug: these keepsakes are life long gifts that a student can keep with them in and out of college and serve as a reminder of their school spirit!

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Study Prep

Laptop Sleeve: protecting a laptop in style is a can’t miss, low cost in cost for you and a win against stretches and damage for them.

Noise Canceling Headphones: finding a pair of adorable headphones is a definite score with deals going on as the school year approaches and will be great for study sessions and walks across campus.

Pencil Pouches with Pens: pouches for first-aid supplies, chargers, and school supplies ensure organization with a touch of personal style.

Planner: keeping track of exams, homework, and classes will help keep stress levels low for any new student.

Book Light: perfect for study sessions and working on homework at any hour!

Blue Light Glasses: for long hours spent in front of a screen, blue light glasses help prevent eye strain and dryness, plus promote better sleep

Three Subject Notebooks: reduce clutter by having different subjects in one notebook, making it easier to carry around, is more cost efficient and saves space in backpacks.

College Class Essentials

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Miscellaneous Student Life

First-Aid Kit: prepped for any situation, having all the essentials within backpacks are a great gift and definitely get made use of 

  • Band-aids

  • Wet wipes

  • Tide pen

  • Lint roller

  • Mini deodorant

Mini Shoulder Purse: gifting a simple purse that can hold everything a girl needs and can withstand some damage is essential for nights out

Wallet Attachment for Phone: reducing the risk of losing important cards and the amount of items to carry number by keeping them right on a phone!

Birdie Safety Alarm: provide some peace of mind and a sense of security by gifting a stubble safety tool that will deter threats and summon help in emergencies

Reusable Tumbler/Cup: with a reusable tumbler students can still enjoy their much needed energy drinks on the go and help reduce waste

Athelsuire: the unpredictable weather in Minnesota can mean walking to class in the cold but getting to the lecture hall feeling hot, athleisure affords flexible movement and layers (also super on trend)!

Polaroid: a super fun way to capture and preserve memorable college experiences through a tangible photo!

Projector: combining the ability to watch a movie and practice presentations while saving both money and space!

College Student Essentials

Pictured Items

Who knew making a new college student’s life easier could be so affordable and fun? ✨ With these budget-friendly gifts, you’re not just giving stuff- you’re gifting convenience, comfort, a little luxury, and a piece of home. From game-day apparel to studying tools, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face and a little less stress to their busy college days. Happy gifting! 😆

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