When do the Minnesota Lynx play the Indiana Fever?

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From skillful passes to blocks and buzzer beaters, the WNBA is capturing the world’s attention like never before. This season has everyone’s attention, with over half the games selling out and viewer numbers tripling from last season, the league has reached new heights! 🤩


Bringing their A-game at every chance, the Minnesota Lynx are all the buzz right now! They have held their spot in the Western Conference for weeks in a row and it’s landed them in the Commissioner’s Cup Final, the WNBA’s annual in-season tournament. 😆 Every player on the Lynx roster has been showing off their strength and resilience on the court, at every game. Our excitement has reached new heights as Lynx players Napheesa Collier, Kayla McBride, Alanna Smith, and Courtney Williams are nominated for the WNBA All-Star team! We are all in on the Lynx as they continue to dominate!

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Basketball teams need all their players to shine so they can do what they do best, and as a female-owned business, we know that women in the WNBA deserve their share of media coverage and recognition. But we have to talk about the one player everyone’s talking about: Caitlin Clark. She used to light it up for the Iowa Hawkeyes and now she’s doing the same for the Indiana Fever with her shooting skills, guard play, and fierce competitive spirit. ⚡️⛹️‍♀️ Fans everywhere are excited, eagerly waiting to see when their home team will get to take on the Indiana Fever.

Between these two teams, the games promise tons of excitement, clever plays, and standout performances from some of the league’s best players. So, mark your calendars, because you definitely don’t want to miss them!

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Minnesota Lynx vs. Indiana Fever

July 14th

@ Target Center, MN

3:00 PM

The Lynx and the Fever will play each other for the first time this season on July 14th and lucky us Minnesota Fan Girls… it's a home game! 😁 This highly anticipated WNBA matchup promises to be intense with the Lynx showcasing their top spot in the Western Conference against the Indiana Fever's determined lineup!

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  • Watch on TV: ESPN
  • Listen: KFAN FM

August 24th

@ Target Center, MN 

7:00 PM

Thats right.. we get TWO home games! 🥳 The Lynx will play the Fever one more time at home on August 24th at 7pm. Maybe you missed the first game or are coming back for round two, either way it's definitely going to be action-packed and not worth missing out on.  

⭐️ Ways to Catch the Game: 

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  • Stream with League Pass
  • Watch on Local TV: Bally Sports North Extra, Bally Sports Indiana

September 6th

@ Gainbridge Fieldhouse, IN

6:30 PM

For one last time in the regular season, the Minnesota Lynx are headed to Indiana to play the Fever on September 6th. Deep into the season, this game is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat, no matter where you watch! 😁

⭐️ Ways to Catch the Game: 

  • Watch on TV: Ion
  • Stream with League Pass
  • Get Away Tickets: HERE

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As the Minnesota Lynx gear up to face the Indiana Fever in their upcoming games this season, excitement and anticipation fill us Fan Girls. Each game will definitely be filled with crazy 3-point shots, insane blocks and standout synergy! 😆 No matter who you are rooting for, you can expect nothing short of exhilarating. From home, the stands, or in the car, get ready to feel the excitement! Start marking your calendars now because you won’t want to miss out on these match-ups. GO LYNX ✨💙

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