Playoffs Start TODAY! Enjoy 20% off our Fan Girl Baseball Collection
The 2023 MLB playoffs kick off THIS AFTERNOON, with 12 teams battling for a World Series Title. Our Minnesota Twins will take on the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League Wild Card Series. They will play today, tomorrow (Wednesday...
Things To Do in the Twin Cities | Fan Girl Events
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5 Best Places To Eat At Near Target Field
Heading to a Twins game this season? The Fan Girls have you covered on the best places to grab a bite before or after the game! However, before we jump into the list of our favorite spots, make sure you’re...
Best Places To Eat At Before A Minnesota Wild Game
There are many fun places to eat before (or after!) a Minnesota Wild hockey game, depending on your preferences and location. Here are a few of our favorite pregame options!  FOR GAME-DAY CAMARADERIE  + WALKING DISTANCE Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub -...
5 Things to Look Forward to for the Upcoming Baseball Season in MN
Baseball season is upon us, which for us Minnesotans means that the snow is melting (hopefully) and warmer weather is to come! With the new season, there are plenty of things that every fan gets excited about from the moment...
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The Best Fan Experience: Home vs. Away Games

I have a very important question for all of you Fan Girls: What offers the best Fan Experience, home or away games? After attending sporting events that have the home and visiting team advantages, I’m weighing in on which one allows for the best fan experience.